Enabling CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server CLR integration is pretty cool [:)] allowing me to write .NET code and have it execute in SQL Server, for example as a stored procedure. Not that I would want to write every stored procedure using .NET code but for some of them it sure is a lot easier.
To enable it you need to reconfigure SQL Server a bit though. You need to enable CLR integration using the sp_configure sproc. Just don’t forget to execute a Reconfigure when done.
Just use:
sp_configure ‘clr enabled’, 1
And you are ready to go [:)]

2 thoughts on “Enabling CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005

  1. I would like to install SpatialDB. I see warning message “you must make sure CLR intergration is enabled on the database before proceeding”. I ask Mr.Google, he tell me this post “Enabling CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005”

    Thank you very much!

    Ho Nguyen

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