Unit testing in Visual Studio 2005

One of the things I always disliked is that unit testing was only available in the enterprise VS2005 SKU, just like professional developers don’t need or use unit testing. Yeah right, that is one of the hallmarks of a professional coder is you ask me. So I, amongst others, complained about this to Microsoft and it appears we have some influence because they have decided we are right [:)] and the next version of Visual Studio will include unit testing in the professional SKU as well. Well what can I say other than a great big THANK YOU!
Hope I can blog more about stuff we are told this week but I am kind of doubting that as most, if not everything, of what hear will be under NDA.
Stay tuned for more though!

One thought on “Unit testing in Visual Studio 2005

  1. In my experience, you’re hardly missing out on much. NUnit (the free unit testing framework for .NET) still provides a better testing experience than the VSTS support.

    The two places it does fall down are a lack of IDE integration, but that’s cureable with TestDriven.NET, or just keeping NUnit running in the background – it’s hardly heavy…

    … and a lack of builtin coverage tools, but there’s NCover for that purpose. Although, the usefulness of a coverage tool in test-driven development is fairly negligible – if its there, it’s there because a test required it.

    I use enterprise, and I still use NUnit. The `red/green bar` thing is critical for me.


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