MVP Summit day 4

SO I didn’t blog about the last few days at the MVP summit. That isn’t because we didn’t hear any new information, in fact we heard plenty of it but most of it is under NDA so I cannot comment on it quite yet. But what I can say is that there are some cool things coming [:)]. Not that all our problems are going to be fixed, no the powers that be are going to leave some, and probably introduce some new ones in the process [:(], but some of my headaches are being addresses.
And of course LINQ is big feature and well blogged about and remains exciting stuff. In fact Anders gave an excellent presentation showing some new stuff.
Well a few last meetings to attend to and a last dinner and tomorrow I fly back to the Netherlands. Not really looking forward to the flight and the time difference, in fact I still haven’t really adjusted to the pacific time zone and I am a little short on sleep.
But it was great to be here and I am already looking forward to the next summit [:)] Of course there is the little matter of being renewed in the mean time….

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