.NET Framework 3.5 – WF and WCF 3 Day Event in Redmond, WA

If you read this post by Paul Andrew you can see we are getting an invitation to come to Microsoft for some additional training. Well it sounds interesting but I guess I won’t be crossing the ocean for this one. But it’s a pity that these kind of event are usually held in Redmond en never on other continents. Come on guys, we do a lot of work in Europe, Asia or for that matter everywhere else on the planet. So why don’t you schedule some of these events somewhere more accessible to the rest of us?
Still if you are in the US of A and using Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation this might be an interesting opportunity.

One thought on “.NET Framework 3.5 – WF and WCF 3 Day Event in Redmond, WA

  1. It’s really, really difficult to put all the product team members on a plane. This is the first time we are doing the event, and we are definitely planning on how we can roll this out to a much broader audience than our “convinient to Seattle by plane” crowd.

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