1st Dutch Code Camp

The first Dutch Code Camp was held yesterday in Barneveld. With
lots of people showing up there was a real nice vibe and all I can say is it
was a smashing success. Lots of people wanted to know when we would organize the
next one; someone even went so far as suggesting we organize four code camps a
year. Well I don’t think we will do four a year but given the success we will certainly
plan another [:)].

I hope to have the slides up real soon but for now all I
have put online is a lot of photo’s I took during the day. Mind you I didn’t
make any selection, this is the whole set, and I haven’t done any Photoshop
work on them yet either. But if you want to take a look this is where you can
find them: http://picasaweb.google.com/maurice.de.beijer/CodeCamp2007.

Of course the code camp wouldn’t have been possible without
all the sponsors. First of all Microsoft
provided us with the space and contributed to the catering. Of course Infragistics and WantIt contributed with additional funding making
sure everyone was fed [:)]. And besides the financial support Infragistics, Dundas, Red-Gate,
Telerik and ComponentArt contributed lots of
software as prices. The first price to go was a complete Xbox 360 provided by Detrio. With all the prices the drawing during
the lunch actually took quite a while but given the prices I don’t think anyone
minded at all. Well except for the few who didn’t win anything at all that is [:(]
but they still had a great day [:)]

So up to the next edition!

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