DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma online

Recently Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell recorded a DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma. Now I listen to most DNR episodes during my commutes in the car but I think I will repeat this one a couple of times. Frans is a really nice and bright guy so it usually pays to listen to what he has to say. And we had a lot of fun together last year when we did the Visual Basic versus C# session.

For what it is worth, if you are looking into ORM products his LLBLGen Pro is certainly worth a look. I have used it on a number of projects and it is a great product.

Enjoy the pod cast.


0 thoughts on “DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma online

  1. I agree that Frans is a very talented guy and LLBLGen is a marvelous piece of software. But Richard and Carl haven’t had a clue what to ask him!

    What a waste of time!

    After this podshow, I think Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are two biggest idiots in IT industry ended up in a wrong place!

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