No not the one in Athens, Greece but the one just announced by Microsoft.

Apparently the Patterns and Practices group is busy and keeps turning out new stuff. Recently they released version 3.1 of the Enterprise Library with some interesting capabilities. This time it’s a new product code named Acropolis. The tag line says “The future of Smart Client” and that should give you a pretty good idea of what the goal is.

Apparently they have taken the lessons learnt from the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) that build on top of CAB and decided to build a new product code named Acropolis. This new product will replace both SCSF and CAB so keep that in mind when working with these two. Of course Acropolis is some time away so waiting for that might not be an option and anyway they promise assistance with the migration. Of course “assistance with the migration” has proven to be another way of saying “you need a complete rewrite” in some cases [:(].

Anyway for more info check the blog post by David Hill or Glenn Block. Additionally you can find some information, download the preview bits and a short demo video at


2 thoughts on “Acropolis

  1. Just a clarification: Acropolis will be a Microsoft product. patterns & practices ships guidance (like CAB and SCSF) not products.

  2. Both the CAB and SCSF are a download and consist of bits that are supposed to be used. Makes both of them sure sound like products to me. But I guess there may be something in the EULA that makes it guidance instead of a product.

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