Microsoft DevDays day 1

The first day of the Microsoft DevDays is almost over as I am listening to the last session of the day. At the moment I am listening to Ingo Rammer presenting about combining WCF and WF to create solutions. And he is doing a good job, I just hope there will be enough questions left tomorrow for my WF Q&A session.

Before this there have been a number of other interesting sessions. Scott Guthrie did the keynotes and as usual he did a great job [:)] Of course a lot of material is the same as was presented at MIX but that was to be expected. And Scott did give it a bit of a local color by using a European map instead of one of the USA for the airline demo.

The MVP’s and user groups have their own community area near the entrance. This is a pretty good place and we are getting lots of attention and enjoying it!

More sessions to come tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon is when I do my Q&A session.



And I just couldn’t resist this picture [:)]

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