Web Charting Controls

Some time ago I did a review of web charting controls and as other people might be looking into this as well I thought I would share a brief summary. Now I didn’t do a complete review so make sure that the chart controls in question have all the features you require.

Good looks

When you want to go for good looks there is one clear winner and that is ComponentArt. Their charts look amazingly good and none of the others comes even close. Not that their competitors look bad, in fact most of them look quite nice, but there is a clear winner [:)] When looking for functionality they weren’t the winner but still very good. One thing to note is that some of the interaction samples didn’t work in FireFox 2 while they did in Internet Explorer 7. See http://www.componentart.com/charting for more details and make sure you take a look at their Web.UI suite as well as that has the same great UI features.

A few examples:




When it came down to functionality the winner was Dundas. Their charting control looks pretty good as well but has a very rich API including lots of server side events for stuff like selecting data points. Another interesting feature is that pretty much every part, including labels and the like, contain a Href property allowing it to become a hyperlink. Nice stuff [:)], see http://www.dundas.com/Products/Chart/NET/index.aspx for more details.

A few examples:



Another interesting one to use are the DevExpress controls which appear to have more favorable licensing/redistributable conditions then the previous one. But then again I am no lawyer so check them carefully yourself! More info at http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/WinForms/XtraCharts.

Of course there were some less than good experiences as well. One set of controls that failed to install in a Virtual PC where from ChartFx. The install did work on a regular PC but trying to use them resulted in a runtime error. Needlessly to say that was enough and I didn’t look any further [:(]


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