Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Express on the client

Earlier this week at the SDC conference I gave a presentation about the Sync Services for ADO.NET. Some attendees where pretty exited about this new possibility to sync data between a local data cache and some sever. Especially that they could use pretty much any database on the server as long as there is a managed provider. Now on the client side people where somewhat less thrilled that the only option seemed to be SQLce. In fact only a single person in the audience was currently using SQLce. Now I think SQLce is a very interesting product and could be used as a replacement for SQL Express in a fair number of applications so I suggest you take a look at it. However the good news is that Microsoft is planning on releasing a sample local provider for SQL Express on the client when Visual Studio 2008, Sync Services and SQL Server Compact are released.

Still I highly recommend taking a good look at SQLce as it is more that adequate in quite a few cases and it can make life a lot easier [:)]



6 thoughts on “Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Express on the client

  1. Has SQL Express Client Provider been released yet?

    SQL CE is pretty much useless for our needs as we need a robust database on the client.

    mail -at- jaypatel/./com

  2. Same issue here from last 3-4 months, just waiting on a project to go live with the SQL Express sync support. We have developed our project half way through based on the sql express sync sample but getting stuck with some problem issues which I am sure would get resolved with the final release from MS for sql express sync support.

    Pls do give an update as to when this would be available so that we could plan accordingly.

    many thanks

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