SQL Server 2005 SP3

If you are expecting a link to the download I am sorry but you are going to be disappointed [:(]

Why? Because it just isn’t available yet!

I can already hear you saying “But it must be coming any day now, right?”

Wrong [:(]

Yes, I just heard from Hugo that there are no current plans for releasing a new service pack for the very simple reason not enough people are asking for it.

Come gain, why was that?

Because not enough people are asking for it!

So click in this link and vote for another SQL Server service pack!


5 thoughts on “SQL Server 2005 SP3

  1. Having posted your comments on nearly all forums i could..i have only managed to increase the votes for SP3 by around 20 or so… i doubt this is going to be enough!…how else can we make them listen…????

  2. The only problem is companies are slow in upgrading databases and its far easier, or should I say less difficult, to get them to install a service pack.

  3. Users really shouldn’t have to ask for a service pack. With licensing fees and software agreements it should be assumed that regular service packs and bugfixes will be released on a regular basis throughout the lifespan of the product.
    This smells of Microsoft’s goal of forcing people to abandon perfectly good software that MS considers legacy.

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