Edit and Continue in an ASP.NET Web Application

By default Edit and Continue (EnC) is disabled when you create a new ASP.NET Web Application using Visual Studio 2005. Not sure why this is because EnC is a really nice feature to have and can be a big time saver.

You will notice this when you try to edit the source while debugging and receive the following error message:

Edit and Continue

Changes are not allowed when the debugger has been attached to an already running process or the code being debugged was optimized at build or run time.

Fixing it is easy. Just double click on “My Project”, select the Web tab and check the “Enable Edit and Continue” check. Next time when you run you are all set for EnC [:)]




11 thoughts on “Edit and Continue in an ASP.NET Web Application

  1. Thanks for your posting on March 6th, 2008. I opened visual studio 2005’s asp.net project. i did not see any my project. i recollect seeing a my project folder item in a windows app.

    can you help me out.

    thanks and regards

  2. I have searched this problem on the web for days and I not get the solver. Only workarounds. It´s very simple. Here is the solver.

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Wow Thanks very much.
    I upgraded a VS2003 web site to VS2008 and couldn’t see why EnC wasn’t working when it was enabled in the Tools\Options. I didn’t expect there to be another setting specific to the project!

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