Fun at the PDC

The PDC wasn’t all hard work, we sure had some fun too [:)].

As always there where a number of product group dinners. This year the C#, VB and F# product groups joined up and had a dinner together. I am at the right bottom, check Anders sitting at the left back end of the table. Lots of other team members and MVP’s where there and we had a great time!


The party this year was at Universal Studio which is always a nice place to go to. Before we went there was another product group dinner to attend and afterward I drove with Beth and Alan to Universal Studio.


Last time Beth was in the Netherlands for the SDC I drove her around and this time she got to drive me around. The drive over was fun and fast, Beth drives like the Italian in her [:)] and this was with her “slow” car as she also has a tuned Subaru. This is Beth getting chased by a zombie.


Some of the creatures in Universal Studio where really creepy and well done.

 P1020344 P1020350



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