Updated SQL Server Compact Workflow Persistence Service

Yesterday I uploaded a new version of the SQL Server Compact Workflow Persistence Service to code.msdn.com. No major changes this time just two new features to get it more in line with the standard SqlWorkflowPersistenceService.

  1. I added a GetAllWorkflows() function that returns all persisted workflow’s in the database.
  2. I added a LoadExpiredTimerWorkflowIds() function that will return a list of workflow instanceId’s of all workflow’s with an expired timer.

Both new functions should help make the SqlCeWorkflowPersistenceService even more like the out of the box SqlWorkflowPersistenceService. And as before it is completely free [:)].

You can download the source code for the SqlCeWorkflowPersistenceService here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/SqlCeWFPersistence.

PS should you need to develop a custom WorkflowPersistenceService for some other database this would be a good starting point!



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