Running Windows 7 on a tablet

Today I installed Windows 7 on one of my laptops. Not my main machine, I am not quite ready to take the leap yet, but on a second smaller and newer tablet I carry around more often. First impressions are good! It seems to be as people are saying the OS Vista should have been.

Installing Windows 7 was done in no time at all. I used this tip to create a bootable partition on my PDC and install it that way, worked like a charm and was done in no time. Next was installing VS2008 with service pack 1. No problems but it did take a long long time [:(].

If you get started this blog post by Tim Sneath is worth reading. He lists a bunch of useful tips and points to quite a few features that are useful but you might not discover all that quickly. Useful tips include using Win+1/5 to start programs or using shift click (of the middle button) to start a second copy of a program.

I will post more when I have been running Windows 7 for a while.

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