Practical HTML5

The slides from my presentation on Practical use of HTML5 for the DotNed user group.   Practical html5 from Maurice Beijer     The source code can be found here.   There is an online demo version hosted on Azure websites here.   Enjoy!

HTML5 Presentatie slides en demo

De PowerPoint slides en de demo code van mijn HTML5 presentatie van gisteravond zijn nu beschikbaar.   Voor de liefhebbers ook online via SlideShare. HTML5 Overview View more presentations from Maurice Beijer Met dank aan 4DotNet die de sponsor was van deze bijeenkomst.   Enjoy!   [f1] [f2]

HTML5, Google Chrome Frame and older browsers

Consider the following problem: You might be tempted to start working with HTML5 features in your web applications but you have to support older bowsers.   So for many HTML5 features there are polyfills available that will let you make older browsers like Internet Explorer 7 or 8 work with the newer API. See a possible list of HTML5 polyfills here. However a number of these is JavaScript based and while that works in older browsers their JavaScript engine is often quite slow as well making it hard to work with.   But how about just upgrading the complete browser? … Continue reading HTML5, Google Chrome Frame and older browsers

Customizing the HTML5 checks Modernizr does

In the previous blog post I demonstrated how to use Modernizr to test for the availability of HTML 5 features. Doing so was quite easy but as every test is always performed to add CSS classes to the <html> element there is a bit of overhead in using the default Modernizr JavaScript file. Fortunately they have made a fix for this rather easy and added a page where you can quickly create a custom version with just the checks you need for your site.     Adding custom checks The careful reader might have noticed that there is no option … Continue reading Customizing the HTML5 checks Modernizr does

HTML5 feature detection aka Modernizr

Yesterday I blogged about using the new Server-Sent Events or the EventSource object to send messages from the server to the client. But what happens if I try to do this in a browser that doesn’t support Server-Sent Events? If I run the code from yesterday in Internet Explorer 9 I sill see the following error dialog: The reason is that IE 9 doesn’t support Server-Sent Events, see, so it results in an Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘EventSource’ is undefined exception HTML5 Feature detection In the old days if web development we used to check the browser the client … Continue reading HTML5 feature detection aka Modernizr