The browser landscape is changing

I hadn’t really been paying attention to the popularity of browsers a whole lot for the last few months until this week as I was teaching HTML5 and the usage stats influence what is usable and what not. Sure I heard some time ago that Chrome was larger then IE but as most of these statistics are more about politics then anything else I tend to ignore them and just check some sites I know are producing real numbers for me. And the best I know way is to compare Google Analytics on some large sites.   And was I … Continue reading The browser landscape is changing

HTML5, Internet Explorer and automatic updates

One of the problems with HTML5, or development at the cutting edge of the web, has always the need to support a large number of different browsers. Depending on who you ask the numbers will vary slightly but is usually boils down to Internet Explorer being the biggest and Chrome and FireFox each taking quite a big chunk of the stats and the remainder of the browsers filling up the gaps. So that means that any public facing website should at the very least support the three major browsers, not to bad right?   Turns out that live isn’t quite … Continue reading HTML5, Internet Explorer and automatic updates