AngularJS slides and demo code

  AngularJS from Maurice Beijer   The slides of my AngularJS presentation for the DotNed user group can be downloaded from SlideShare. The demo code can be found here on GitHub.   The session was recorded and a link to the recording will follow later.   Enjoy!

To SPA or not to SPA

Index: Getting started with AngularJS Creating an AngularJS Controller The AngularJS $scope is not the MVC Model Using repeating elements in AngularJS Filtering the data in an AngularJS ngRepeat element Using the AngularJS FormController to control form submission Creating an AngularJS Directive Using the DOM in an AngularJS application To SPA or not to SPA   Creating Single Page Applications, usually abbreviated to SPA, is getting more and more popular these days. There are some popular applications like GMail or done this way and using frameworks like AngularJS or routing libraries like Director and Sammy it appears quite easy … Continue reading To SPA or not to SPA