Paragliding is a nice sport but…..

Paragliding is a nice sport but it isn’t without its risks as I found out this weekend Not that I didn’t know I could get hurt but there is a difference between knowing and experiencing.   So I crashed my glider during the landing and hurt my back. In fact I broke of part of a vertebrae. Guess that has me immobilized quite a bit. Fortunately the stay in the hospital wasn’t too long and I am back home but it appears that it will take 4 to 6 weeks of rest. Guess that gives me ample opportunity to catch … Continue reading Paragliding is a nice sport but…..

Paragliding on the beach

Yesterday I went paragliding on the Beach near Amsterdam for the first time Took a few tries to get airborne as the start is quite different but once I was up there I had a great time.       Maurice de Beijer

At last some air time :-)

Its been a while with the long and miserable winter but finally I got some air time again The weather was actually surprisingly nice with a lot of sunshine. Now if spring just got around to a real start I can get a lot more airtime. And I am still waiting for my new wing, should be done any day now.     Maurice de Beijer

Just bought a new paraglider

This weekend was the first in quite a while that I could go paragliding again. I was in the market for a new glider and I had a number of test flights on the Airwave Sport 3 and I really like it Guess I am no longer in the market as I have one on order now. Now all I have to do is wait for good weather and the next trip to FranceMaurice de