Windows Workflow Foundation futures and database access

Ron Jacobs showed a number of really cool new workflow features we can be expecting in the next version of Windows Workflow Foundation during the last PDC in Redmond and Tech-Ed Europe in Berlin. One of the new features he demonstrated where the activities we can use to load data from a SQL server database into our workflow. Most of the new features are really cool but the database activities are not.   Why don’t I like the new database activities With the new ExecuteSqlQuery<T> we are back to typing in a literal SQL string to be executed on the … Continue reading Windows Workflow Foundation futures and database access

Versioning long running Workflow Services in WF4

One of the problems with the current version of Windows Workflow Foundation is how to handle different versions of your workflows. With short running workflows this is no big deal, workflows do whatever they are supposed to do and finish, and you can deploy a newer updated version of your XAMLX files whenever you want. Provided the public facing SOAP interface doesn’t change no one will notice a difference and everything will work just fine. However as soon as we get into long running workflows and the SQL Workflow Instance Store things get quite a bit more complicated. As soon … Continue reading Versioning long running Workflow Services in WF4

Fun at the PDC

The PDC wasn’t all hard work, we sure had some fun too [:)]. As always there where a number of product group dinners. This year the C#, VB and F# product groups joined up and had a dinner together. I am at the right bottom, check Anders sitting at the left back end of the table. Lots of other team members and MVP’s where there and we had a great time! The party this year was at Universal Studio which is always a nice place to go to. Before we went there was another product group dinner to attend and … Continue reading Fun at the PDC

PDC session download

Want to download and watch all PDC content? Then there are a couple of ways to get at them. The official way if to go through the session agenda at the conference site. See You see all sessions but it takes a bit of work. Another nice way is through Channel 9 by using the following feed: But the best as far as I am concerned is using the list compiled by Greg Duncan. Check this list And it even has the Visual Basic source code used to generate the list [:)] Enjoy the videos! [f1][f2]

Windows 7

One of the things launched at the PDC is Windows 7. A number of new features where mentioned but the one I find most intriguing is being able to boot of a virtual hard disk. I use VMWare quite a bit, in fact I do most of my development in virtual machines, but that always means running a copy of Windows inside of Windows. Now the host Windows is actually not doing all that much except host the virtual machine and, being Vista, eat a lot of resources in the process. So the ability to get rid of the host … Continue reading Windows 7