Filtering the data in an AngularJS ngRepeat element

Index: Getting started with AngularJS Creating an AngularJS Controller The AngularJS $scope is not the MVC Model Using repeating elements in AngularJS Filtering the data in an AngularJS ngRepeat element Using the AngularJS FormController to control form submission Creating an AngularJS Directive Using the DOM in an AngularJS application To SPA or not to SPA   Showing a list of items like in the previous post is nice but if the list is large most users appreciate the possibility to search in it. Turns out that AngularJS has that already build in so it is really simple to do.   … Continue reading Filtering the data in an AngularJS ngRepeat element

DotNed podcast: Michaël Hompus over Serious Request en Windows Azure

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Michaël Hompus over de software die Michaël met enkele collega’s geschreven hebben voor de Serious Request actie van 3FM en het Nederlands Rode Kruis. Bij deze 6 daagse acties is meer dan 12 miljoen euro opgehaald via donaties en verzoeknummers op de website. Tijdens deze podcast, en zijn TechDays sessie in maart, vertelt Michaël hoe ze dit precies voor elkaar gekregen hebben. Links: Blog: Serious Request: SnowMaker: Microsoft Showcase: TechDays:   Enjoy!

Getting started with WCF Discovery

One of the cool new features in WCF 4 is the support for WS-Discovery.   So what makes WCF Discovery so cool? Normally when a client application wants to connect to a WCF service it has to know several thing about the service like the operations it supports and where it is located. Knowing the operations at design time makes sense, after all this is functionality you are going to call. But the address makes less sense, that is a deployment things and something we don’t really want to be concerned with at design time. So we can specify the … Continue reading Getting started with WCF Discovery

Windows Workflow Foundation 4 and persistence

Note: This blog post is written using the .NET framework 4.0 Beta 2 The whole persistence model has changed quite a but for WF4.   The persistence class out of the box is called SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and as the name suggests it saves workflow data in either SQL Server 2005 or 2008. It is based on the InstanceStore class to if you prefer some other store all you need to do is subclass the InstanceStore and create your own.   So what can we do with the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore? We can attach it to either a WorkflowApplication or a WorkflowServiceHost and persist … Continue reading Windows Workflow Foundation 4 and persistence

Windows 7 and booting from a virtual hard disk

One real nice feature in Windows 7 is the boot from VHD capability. Real simple to do once you know the basics. And these basics are all covered in 2 blog posts by Scott Hanselman. So rather that repeat the information I am just going to point to his blog posts. Step-By-Step: Turning a Windows 7 DVD or ISO into a Bootable VHD Virtual Machine Less Virtual, More Machine – Windows 7 and the magic of Boot to VHD Enjoy!   [f1] [f2]

Tweeting when you post a photo to Flickr

There are several ways you can go about it if you want to post a tweet when you can upload a photo to Flickr. The official Flickr way is add Twitter as a blog in your account “Extending Flickr” page and clicking “Blog this” on a new picture you want to tweet. While this works perfectly well there is also an automatic way if using the Flickr REST API. One of the options is to generate an RSS feed. Using this and the free TwitterFeed service I can automatically tweet whenever I add a new image to Flickr. The Flickr … Continue reading Tweeting when you post a photo to Flickr

Replacing an iPhone

Some time ago I got myself an iPhone and I have to admit I really love the little machine. But even good things can go bad and in my case it was a problem with the sound over the headphones. Well the machine has been replaced and I somewhat dreaded getting a new one and having to reinstall all apps and redo all settings.   Turns out I didn’t need to worry [:)] As it turns out Apple really thought about this experience and made sure it was as easy as it could be. Today when the replacement iPhone I … Continue reading Replacing an iPhone

Congratulations 2009 Microsoft MVP!

Dear Maurice de Beijer, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Connected System Developer technical communities during the past year.   O yes, I am happy again [:)]   [f1] [f2]

Getting started with the repository pattern in Silverlight

The repository pattern is quite a common design pattern when working with databases. And for a good reason as standardizing code on design patterns it makes it easer to read and understand. The typical repository pattern in .NET Most of the time the repository pattern looks something like this. public interface IRepository<T> { IEnumerable<T> All(); IEnumerable<T> FindAll(Func<T, bool> exp); } Note that I am only implementing the loading of data. Normally there would also be methods for saving, deleting and crating new entities but I have left these out for now. In regular .NET code that is just fine but … Continue reading Getting started with the repository pattern in Silverlight