Zzangdol’s Projects – PowerPoint Anime

Han Byul Jang, also known as Zzangdol, is a VIP member in Korea's PowerPoint
Expert Club. He started PowerPoint since the age of 9! He can draw realistic
anime characters (using PowerPoint's Freeform tool) and animate them all in

Thanks to Mr. Francis Lee, admin of PowerPoint Expert Club, his artworks are
now hosted on PowerPoint Heaven. 3 samples have been added. For more
information, visit PowerPoint Heaven at http://pptheaven.mvps.org/.

Fikree’s Projects – LaserQuest Preview


This is NOT the final version of LaserQuest, plus, the music is NOT one of
the game, but it was created by Fikree.

Fikree is currently working on his latest PowerPoint puzzle game,
LaserQuest, where user will have to beam the laser to the target…

– 7 Worlds (Lab / Frost / H2O / Ruins / Sahara / Impact / Air (hidden) / RGB
– Each world has 6 levels.
– About 20 elements.
– 7 one-minute musictracks.

– Cheat (only choosing the world)
– Downloadable Level
– Art Concepts
– Party Games (Pointer's Way: Race / Connect)

– Local Release (Dubai): December 2006
– Internet Release: January 2007
– Soundtrack Release: January 2007
– Downloadable Release: Febuary 2007

Special Thanks:
– Archer MacLean
– Hamed Al Aqili
– Shawn Toh
– John Cooney
– Niki Binder

Flash Bulb art II

Another experiment with the Flash Bulb effect. Same method has been applied. But this time round, instead of applying the Flash Bulb effect onto different objects, multiple Flash Bulb effects are applied onto a single object. The result looks good, giving you a lightning effect. Try that out too, and perhaps you can further improvise it.

Here's a sample you can take a look at:

Flash Bulb art

Just experimenting with the Emphasis > Flash Bulb effect today. Here's a sample you can take a look at:

What I have done here is to have a number of AutoShapes, then applying the Emphasis > Flash Bulb effect on them. Next, set these effects to start "With Previous". Finally, have the second effect with a delay (Right click on effect, select the Timing tab) of 0.1 seconds, the third effect with a delay of 0.2 seconds, so on and so forth.

I will be experimenting with more Flash Bulb art in the next few days.