Embedding Video

Embed Video in PowerPoint
To insert video, you can click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from File. Unfortunately, they are always linked. This causes link breaking issues when moving your presentation from one computer to another. The best solution would be to embed these videos. But how?

The first step
Insert it as an object. To do so, click Insert > Object > Create from file. Click Browse and look for the video you want to insert. Once you are done, click Ok twice.

Playing the video
Now here’s the tricky part. To play the content, you will need to activate it using Custom Animation. Click Slide Show > Custom Animation. This will bring up the Custom Animation pane. Select the video that has been inserted. Click Add Effect > Object Actions > Activate Contents. If you want to play the video automatically during Slide Show, set the “Start” to “After Previous”. Take note though, that the video will not be played in PowerPoint. Instead, the media player will be launched and the video will play from there. So far, this works for .mpg and .wmv video format. On the other hand, .avi will still be linked. Hence, if the video is in .avi format, you will need to convert it.

PowerPoint Showcase – Sandy’s Projects

Sandra Johnson (Sandy) is the new PowerPoint Heaven‘s contributor.
Sandra Johnson is a 20-year marketing communications veteran who has developed and successfully implemented marketing communications programs for clients like 3M Health Care, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Porsche Cars of North America. Her strategic expertise and creative PowerPoint design and consultation skills have made her a valuable resource for her clients since forming her PowerPoint presentation business in 2001. She is also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist for PowerPoint and a regular helper in Microsoft Office Online Discussion Group.

Sandy’s PowerPoint Showcases are now hosted by PowerPoint Heaven under PowerPoint Animations > Showcase section.

Nevron .NET Vision suite

Nevron .NET Vision is the ultimate suite for creating unique and powerful data presentation applications with spectacular data visualization capabilities. It features the most advanced Charting, Diagramming and User Interface components for .NET. The carefully designed object model and unmatched presentation “out-of-the-box” quality make Nevron .NET Vision an award-winning component suite.

If you are interested to give Nevron .NET Vision a try, the evaluation copy can be downloaded here. All evaluations are full featured and not time restricted. The only difference from the retail version is the absence of the “Demo Version” watermarks.

.NET Vision suite is currently taking part in an important competition – the .NET Readers Choice Award. You can check out Nevron site for more information!

About Nevron
Nevron LLC has been the name of the world’s most innovative company developing component based data visualization technology for more than 6 years now. Today Nevron is a synonym of premium quality data visualization. The company portfolio includes the world’s most advanced charting and diagramming components for the .NET platform. Their perfection, quality and innovative design are unique.


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