Play multiple sounds simultaneously

During a presentation, you might want to have a music playing in the background, then have additional sound effects. The problem is, when the sound effect starts to play, your background music stops. What we want is to have multiple sounds playing at the same time in PowerPoint. Unfortunately, when one starts, the other stops. Here’s why:

When you have multiple sounds embedded, PowerPoint will only allow one sound to be played at a time. On the other hand, if you have the sounds linked, it will be able to play simultaneously. Thus, if you have two sounds, the solution is to have one of them linked instead of embedded.

For instance, you can have either both the background music and sound effect linked, OR, have the background music embedded while the sound effect linked.

Microsoft has addressed the issue here, including detailed steps on how to go about doing it:
“Background sound stops playing in a presentation when the presentation reaches a slide that uses built-in custom animation with sound effects in PowerPoint”

Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop @ NTU

Completed the Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop at Nanyang Technological University few days ago (Wed, 17 Oct). Thanks to the Hindri, Stephanie, Adeline, Kee, Teddy, Darren and Johnny who have been helping me out! A total of 25 participants. It actually shot up to around 53 participants signing up in the first few hours of registration! But due to the limit of the computer lab, only 25 could be accepted.

Here’s a few photographs taken by them. Just to share with you guys!

Figure 1: Poster created by the organizing committee

Figure 2: Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop @ NTU 1

Figure 3: Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop @ NTU 2

Figure 4 – Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop @ NTU 3

Figure 5 – Rediscovering PowerPoint Workshop @ NTU 4

Slide Master View Shortcut key

At the bottom left hand corner of PowerPoint (bottom right for PowerPoint 2007), you will see 3 mini buttons. They are: Normal View, Slide Sorter View, and Slide Show. Now here’s a quick trick. When you hover over these 3 mini buttons, hold down the Shift key. The mini buttons will now become slide master view, handout master view, and Set Up Show respectively. Thanks to Lucy from PowerPoint newsgroup for providing the useful tip!