Changing border color of a table in PowerPoint 2007

Well hidden feature here, which you may not came across unless you chanced upon it. If you have inserted a table in PowerPoint 2007, then gave it a border, you will realize that there’s no direct way to change the border color of your preference as compared to previous versions of PowerPoint. It can be done though. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Double click on the table to bring up the Table Tools > Design tab.
  2. Under ‘Table Styles’, set the table to ‘No Borders’.
  3. Now, under ‘Draw Borders’, set it to a different ‘Pen Color’.
  4. Set the table to ‘All Borders’ again.

To give each cell different colors, you can also select ‘Pen Color’ of your preference. Next, hover over the table border, click and hold. Ensure that the border is highlighted, then drag it to apply the color to the rest of the cells. If it doesn’t work, increase the zoom level and try again.


Embedding PowerPoint in a PowerPoint

There are several ways to link presentations from one to another. The downside of linking however, is the fear of link breaking when moving the files from one location to another. A solution to resolve this is to make use of embedding.

To embed a PowerPoint in a PowerPoint, click Insert > Object. Select Create from file, then click on Browse. Look for the ppt file you want to embed. Then click Ok twice. The file will then be embedded with the first slide shown as a thumbnail. There are two ways to open the embedded presentation during slide show view. The first one is to click on the thumbnail, which will open up the embedded presentation.

If you prefer to have it open automatically, click Slide Show > Custom Animation. Select the thumbnail, click Add Effect > Object Actions > Show. Lastly, set the Start from “On Click” to “After Previous”.