Security Options for Windows Vista

With Windows Vista set to be unleashed on the consumer market in about a week, there is going to be a need for security and antivirus products. Although Vista is the most secure version of the Windows operating system yet, that doesn’t mean it is impenetrable. Users still need to take basic security precautions. According to a report on Information Week, a number of vendors, including Microsoft, are providing free downloads or trial versions of their Vista-compatible security products. You can check out these products if you need antivirus and desktop security for your Vista PC:

One thought on “Security Options for Windows Vista”

  1. Mostly the computers got infected due to human negligience or actions. The tips given above are good enough to follow to make your pc secure but your actions are still important e.g if you recieve an email containing suspicious email link or attachment never ever try to open it otherwise your actions may cost you.

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