Review of Essential Computer Security

In the October 2007 issue of Security Management Magazine, there is a review of my book, Essential Computer Security. IT expert and author Ben Rothke gives the book a favorable assessment, summarizing with “Too few IT security books are written for the typical user. This work lives up to its title and fills an important […]

TJX Site Vulnerable to XSS Flaw

The whole TJX customer data security breach issue from earlier this year has been sort of a hot-button issue for me. I think what bothers me most is the apparent lack of fallout. A major retailer failed to follow basic security guidelines, or the regulations and standards they must comply with such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), […]

Who Needs Antivirus Anyway?

Well, actually, I believe the answer is “most people”. But, that is more a commentary on their level of information security savvy and common sense than a fear of the malware itself. Antivirus, which has now evolved in most cases to a multi-faceted antimalware suite to protect against viruses, worms, spyware, spam, phishing and more, […]

Community Outrage Over Unauthorized Windows Updates

Most people are aware that Windows comes with an <a href=”” mce_href=””>Automatic Updates</a> feature. I recommend that users, particularly home users, turn this feature on and let Windows do the dirty work of downloading and applying the appropriate patches and updates. When you are configuring Automatic Updates though, there are actually four options. You can […]

Backing Up Data in Vista

Back up your data!!! With more consumers relying solely on digital cameras to capture life’s moments, entire photographic and video histories are stored on computer hard drives. If you don’t back up your data, it could all be gone in the blink of a nanosecond. The latest trend in security suites is to include some […]

Wireless Insecurity

I have been talking for years about the relative insecurity of wireless networks. Companies and consumers alike buy and implement wireless technology for its convenience, without stopping to consider the security implications. If you can sit on your couch in the living room and connect to the wireless router in your den, then your neighbor […]

Beware The Monster

It seems like there are so many data breaches these days that the news of such events is more or less brushed aside. The public is becoming de-sensitized and just says “oh, another one of *those* new stories”. Recently, it was discovered that, the popular job-hunting web site, was the victim of a breach […]