Metasploit 3.1 Released

Metasploit 3.1 was unleashed on the world today. According to the press release posted on the site, this “latest version features a graphical user interface, full support for the Windows platform, and over 450 modules, including 265 remote exploits.”
The legitimate value of the Metasploit Framework has been debated. Some security experts feel it is […]

The Sky Is Falling….Again

Remember the IT apocalypse commonly referred to as ‘Y2K’? That was when every computer system in the world was going to shut down or fail in some way because the internal date would not be able to comprehend that the year ‘00′ was the year 2000 rather than 1900. Of course, the troops were mobilized […]

Microsoft Unveils New Vulnerability Research Blog

Microsoft recently created a new blog site designed to provide insight on emerging vulnerabilities. The blog, titled <a href=””>Security Vulnerability Research & Defense</a>, provides detailed information about newly discovered vulnerabilites- including screen shots, network traffic captures and other evidence to help demonstrate the flaw or a potential fix. The blog will also address workarounds for […]