Attend Windows 7 Kickoff Event

On February 28 Stephen Rose and Joey Snow will be presenting an event in Irvine, CA kicking off Windows 7 and providing a comprehensive look at the new features and functions. You can check out the details of the session (titled TechNet and MSDN Unleashed: Windows Vista to Windows 7) below to see the topics that will be covered in this 5 1/2 hour event.

The live event is already maxed out, but  the session will also be broadcast via LiveMeeting. You can register to attend the LiveMeeting event here: 


Event Code: 135966


8:00 AM – 1:30 PM PST



Better Together: Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

Overview of the Better Together story.



Is Vista Still Relevant? Windows Vista – The Path to 7

With Windows 7 on the horizon, is Vista still relevant? This presentation will cover why Vista is the best path to Windows 7 readiness as well as discuss the key underpinnings in the Windows 7 OS and product evolutions with Server 2008 R2, IPv6 and beyond. Focus will be around top 10 things IT Pros should know about Windows Vista and its evolution in Windows 7.

Welcome to Windows 7

This session will be an overview of the GUI and Feature improvements in Windows 7. This will include
  • Task Bar/System Tray Improvements
  • Aero Features
  • System Improvements
  • Control Panels and Features
  • Desktop Improvements
  • IE 8
  • Under The Hood

Windows 7 Deep Dive

Deep Dive will dig into Windows 7 and the new or redesigned under the hood features in the product.

The topics covered will be:
  • Microsoft’s understanding of the needs of IT Pros when designing Windows 7
  • Hardware Readiness
  • Improved Applications
  • Application Compatibility
  • AIK
  • VHD Images and Imaging
  • DISM
  • Dynamic Driver Provisioning
  • Multicast Multiple Stream Transfer
  • Streamlined Installation and File Migration
  • USMT
  • DHCP Hint
  • Enterprise Application Compatibility
  • Windows Troubleshooting Platform

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