Windows 7 Beta Test Updates

Don’t get too excited. These updates won’t add any new features or functionality to Windows 7. You’ll have to wait for the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) for those kinds of changes. However, Windows 7 will be getting updates next week, February 24, but they will just be test updates. It is a drill more or less just to make sure that Windows 7 is communicating properly with Windows Update and able to download and apply the updates. It is important to note though that these will not be automatically applied. You will have to manually visit Windows Update and select the updates.

If you are participating in the Windows 7 Beta, please read the information below and participate in this Windows 7 update drill when the updates become available next week.



The updates will be clearly described  as a test update in Windows Update, and they will not install automatically.



The updates will be offered interactively. This means that users will be notified of available updates, but they won’t install automatically. Users will need to go to the Windows Update control panel, select the updates, and manually start installation.


These updates will simply replace system files with the same version of the file currently on the system, and will not deliver new features or fixes.


Effective dates

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Worldwide beta testers – all audiences


Who is affected

All Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) users


Actions Requested

Respond to beta tester inquiries as appropriate in Forums and Newsgroups.

Provide context for updates, this is for test purposes only.  Inform and educate Windows 7 beta testers who are running build 7000.


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  1. I really hate the ‘X’ in the dropdown list for recently typed in addresses on IE8. You can accidently click the ‘X’ and remove that address instead of clicking on the address to go to it.

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