Upcoming Windows 7 RC Has a LOT of Changes

Granted, Windows 7 will still be Windows 7. So, moving from Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC will not fundamentally change your operating system. Still, the whole point of Beta testing is to identify problems and gather user feedback to incorporate changes into the final product. The Engineering Windows 7 blog posted a detailed look at 36 different changes we will see from Beta to RC once the Release Candidate becomes available.

You can read the post on the Engineering Windows 7 blog to get the complete details. But, here is a short list of some of my favorite updates:

  • the ability to hold down the ‘Shift’ key when doing a drag/drop action to the Taskbar in order to invoke ‘open with’ rather than adding the file or program to the Taskbar or pinning it to the Jumplist of an existing application
  • restricting the number of items automatically added to application Jumplists to 10 to keep the lists from being too long to provide any value
  • changes made to the behavior of UAC to reflect some of the feedback and backlash about potential security risks introduced by the default UAC configuration in the Windows 7 Beta
  • improving performance and speed from Beta to RC (although I have been happy with the Beta performance and speed- but faster is always better)

No word yet on when we might expect to see that RC, but at least we know when it is released it will have a number of compelling changes and updates.

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