Paving The Way for DirectAccess

Windows 7 has a lot of exciting features both for consumers and enterprises. One of the most promising features for enterprises is DirectAccess. DirectAccess makes VPN connections obsolete and provides seamless connectivity between the internal enterprise network and remote clients roaming wherever they may be. As long as the remote computer has an Internet connection it is able to access network resources as if it was connected directly to the enterprise network. Conversely, the IT admin can manage the remote computers over DirectAccess as long as there is an Internet connection even if the user is not logged in. Unfortunately, Windows 7 is still in Beta so it will be awhile before it will hit the streets in its officially released version.

For enterprises that are looking forward to DirectAccess though, there is no need to sit back and wait. Windows 7 is not the only piece of the puzzle. Implementing DirectAccess also requires Windows Server 2008 and some specific technologies and configuration that enterprises can proactively put in place in anticipation of the release of Windows 7. Check out ‘Paving The Way for DirectAccess’ to see what the DirectAccess requirements are and what you can do now to prepare your network to take advantage of DirectAccess when Windows 7 becomes available.

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