Microsoft Assists Unemployed with Free Computer Training

Do you live in Washington state? Are you one of the millions of Americans currently unemployed and desperately seeking a new career? Finding a new career is never easy, but given the state of the economy and the fact that it seems like for every new job opening there are three new layoffs, it is even more important to have skills that employers need and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Microsoft feels your pain and they want to do their part to help out. Microsoft announced that they will be giving away 30,000 vouchers over the next 90 days to unemployed individuals in Washington to help them learn new skills. The vouchers will entitle people to receive free training in computer skills and even to take Microsoft certification exams for free or at a discount. The training classes may be taken online or in person.

This is just the beginning of the program which Microsoft announced earlier this year at the National Governors Conference. The plan is to continue the program and expand it to other states. So, if you don’t live in Washington just keep an eye out for the program to come to your neighborhood (a.k.a. state).

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