Tehran Scenery 2007

I am currently working on the fifth version of my scenery for Fs2004/FsX called Tehran scenery 2007. I have finished almost all ground materials and ready to start gmaxing: [:D]
Things that I have focused on them in this version are, Iran's most important airport called IKIA and the complete scenery of Tehran the capital of Iran. the total number of objects will be something around 1300.that is already too much for busy systems running FSX.I have managed to reduces the number of polygons by using 2D objects and low resolution textures which rotates toward FS camera (user) this is what I have done for my last scenery (Kish Island 2004) and reduced the number of polygons I have used for runway and taxiway light.


2 thoughts on “Tehran Scenery 2007”

  1. when does ist come? i am waiting fpr nearly a half year for tehran scenery 2007




    Tehran 2007 (Or Third Edition of Tehran scenery) is just becoming bigger and bigger every day and there are still lots of work ahead of me. The scenery was originally for Fs9, but now it is being designed for fsx.
    I expect some very early alpha version’s screen shots very soon. Stay tuned.

  2. Hi

    i was wondering when theran scenery for fsx comes out

    I am waiting day for day for scenerys for Iran. Because i use FSX it is rare to find some. Is there already a Beta Version?




    I am afraid to say that tehran has been canceled.Read more about it at http://www.iransim.ir

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