Some mission accomplished!

I have been very busy recently scratching my head and working on several projects at the same time, including my long awaited Tehran Scenery 2007 (which is now called third edition) and also trying to activate Iranian division of Ivao which I have had plan for since 2006 and which we finally made it after almost two months of negotiations with Ivao. Thanks to the patience and help of my friend Alain Debrower (Ivao Ex-President) and my good friend Khashayar (IR-DIR) for taking responsibility as division director. You can visit Iran division here: longer active!)

Designing a CMS (ASP.NET Based) to suit our needs in the division’s website was on the other side. I was also working on our new Persian forum for Iransim (Based on a very nice ASP.NET/C# forum called YetAnotherForum) and the CMS related to our new website which is almost ready for public release but I am still a little bit concerned about the codes, so it may take some more weeks to have enough confidence about it and to transfer our existing site to the new server and upload related contents.

On the other hand I found some time to write a freeware GUI called “Simplex Defragmenter” in VB.NET for a good and free defragmenter called Jkdefrag .It is available here! Give it a try. Not that bad!
I also found a nice and easy way to do photo realistic sceneries using Google earth and its integration into FSX which I am still working on. If successful I am going to use it in my sceneries. Although the resolution of Google earth files is not good enough but with some Photoshoping or Gimping will look better and less blurry. Semi transparent grainy layers on the top will also help. I also had a problem regarding floated runways at the end of them which I finally got into conclusion that the earth is now truly curved in FSX. Maybe we are finally getting close to see sloping runways in flight simulator!

And I wrote an article regarding Microsoft ESP (in Persian Here) and the fact that Flight simulator is now a serious thing (It was serious but it is now officially serious [:D]) and we should expect to see very familiar outside view in Multi Million dollars flight simulator maybe in a very near future and this is really better than those boring outside views in even Level D simulators. The last one I saw was an A380 Simulator from CAE and the outside view was in no way comparable to FSX. Just clouds and snow/rain effects were better in my idea which it must be with that amount of processing power.
Apart from all these things I managed to eat and drink and have had some time to sleep…I guess, and about 120 hours of virtual flight as Pilot/Controller.

Yours truly
Touradg Morassaei