Our Emails,Their dreams…

Recently I have noticed something really interesting. I have started to get emails from a website claiming that it is a community for VB programmers. The emails had some technical topics regarding to Visual Basic programming. At first it looked genuine to me but after some time things have changed and I started to receive several emails a day with very funny topics like “How can I set timer’s label text?” or “how should I open Visual Basic?’  So they started to show up! Aren’t they?
They even had a website dedicated to their fake community. I really don’t know if our email addresses are that valuable to them (spammers) but if it is then I have thousand of them ready for them. So be advised of such fake programming lovers and never reply to such emails or never even visit the links enclosed in your email as those links have different destination than what they show and will confirm that your email is real.



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