XCN: E3 Update [3]

Last day of E3: Here’s the new “Bringing It Home” Marketplace content:

  • Vampire Rain Gamer Pics (60 MS Points)

  • Vampire Rain Theme (150 MS Points)

  • Stranglehold Theme (150 MS Points)

  • Stranglehold Picture Pack (100 MS Points)

  • SpiderMan Trilogy: Friend or Foe Trailer

  • Fatal Inertia Trailer

  • Mercenaries 2 Trailer

  • Skate Trailer

  • Stranglehold Trailer

  • Last Remnant Trailer

  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam Trailer

  • Fracture Trailer

  • Tony Hawk Trailer

  • Need for Speed Pro Street – Girls of NFS Trailer

  • NHL Trailer

  • Half-Life 2 Orange Box Trailer

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