The joy of receiving an MVP award


Yesterday I received a message to tell me that I received the Microsoft MVP award in the category 'Visual C++'.

I knew I was nominated 2 months ago, which I found very cool. Of course I had to wait a bit because the anouncement of the new awardees was going to be made on the 1st of July.

When I didn't get a mail by sunday evening (the 2nd of July) I figured I did not get the award.

But then I got the mail with happy news on the 3d of July. :-)

Sometime soon I will receive a package with information on all things that have to do with being an MVP. I do not yet know the details, but apparently I can receive a free MSDN subscription. On top of that it is possible to get access to private Microsoft newsgroups or even to windows source code.

I'll have to see what it all means, but it sure looks exiting.

My MVP profile can be found here.