A new dawn

I have finally decided to move my blog to this place.

Originally, my blog was located at http://www.bdvd.be on one of the servers at the company I work for, but it had a couple of problems:

  • The server is quite old. Not only is it slow, but for some reason the compiled ASP.NET code is flushed every day. As a result, even if someone would read my blog, chances are that he / she would have to wait for a long time until the compile-of-the-day was finished.
  • The blog engine I was using (dasblog) is free. However, in order to be secure, I would have to update it regularly. I am not a server admin nor a web programmer. Looking after the nuts and bolts end of a web tool is not my idea of fun. If something goes wrong now, someone else will take care of it.
  • Msmvps gets traffic. People looking for a VC++ blog are more likely to look on this site. Especially if they already visit msmvps.com for another blog. The chances of someone ending up at  http://www.bdvd.be are rather small.

So, I will be moving content from my old blog to this place in the next few days. They will be back-dated to their publication date. Yesterday, this blog did not yet exist. Tomorrow it will have existed for a couple of months.

For those who read Pratchett: this may remind you about the university at fourecks. [:)]