Tech-Ed developers Barcelona: Afterthoughts

Tech-ed developers 2006 has come and gone.

Traveling back home was uneventful, despite the fact that Barcelona airport has to be the most disorganized and chaotic airport I’ve ever seen.

At least I was at the correct airport. On my way to the entrance I talked to an Irish guy who had forgotten that Ryanair’s definition of Barcelona is ‘Barcelona, give or take 50 km’.

Was it worth it?

Yes. I have to say that I learned a great deal about upcoming technology like .NET 3.0, C# 3.0, the next C++ release etc.

Despite what you might think, going to a conference is hard work.

There were 5 1 hour 15 minute sessions per day. Since most of them were about new things, you really have to pay attention. In between sessions I made short summaries. This means I was constantly busy from 9 AM to 7 PM.

But it was a great experience. Nice people, free food and drink. Also, hanging out with the Microsoft VC++ people was fun. Being an MVP gave me access to lots of inside information.

The best speaker of the conference was Kate Gregory, with her session on extending C++ projects with managed code.

Other good sessions were all of the C++ sessions, the one about team studio for software developers, the one about CAS and the ones about .NET 3.0

To all the people who were out there, thanks for making tech-ed 2006 a success.

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