Career change

Starting on April 1st, I will start working for Genzyme Flanders as a Systems Engineer.

I already signed my contract at the end of last year, but had to keep mum until arrangements were made between my company and my clients for transferring ownership of my projects to someone else.

Genzyme is a company that makes cures for rare diseases. Genzyme Flanders is growing at a rapid pace, and building new production capacity. They are now at a point where the complete manufacturing process has been automated. However, there is still no interface between that process and the QA people, technicians, managers etc.

My job will be to maintain the process control software and the servers it runs on, and to create custom applications and services to extend the COTS process control software with the necessary functionality for process management, tracing and reporting.

Working at my current company: CIT Engineering has been a great experience, but an opportunity like this is once-in-a-lifetime.

There are no legacy projects to inherit, so I start with a blank slate. I am also allowed to make technical decisions about how the software is designed and which languages and technologies are used.

As an added bonus:

a)      It is located only 15 minutes from where I live.

b)      The coffee is great.

c)      My wife works there, so it is easy to arrange my working hours so that I can bring my children to daycare / school if my wife has to work early or late shift.

d)      There is a direct bus line from the corner of my street to the parking lot of Genzyme.

e)      I get to do C++, DCOM, C# and .NET programming which is exactly where my interests lie.

Combined with the fact that my wife and I are expecting another baby somewhere in July, it looks like 2007 will bring a lot of change and excitement.

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