Vista woes

Here I am, getting to know my new PC. It is a racehorse:

  • 4GB of DDR2

  • Core2Duo 2 6600

  • Nvidia GF-7950 VT

  • WD 320GB SATAII, 16 MB Cache, 300MB/s, RAID-1

I installed Vista64 because I want to use that as a development platform and test target. Of course I want to transfer all of the data on my trusted yet ancient laptop to this beast.

So I hook up the firewire cable, go to the network configuration tab, …

Wait a minute… where is my FireWire connection? I know it is there because it works in the XP system that I use in dual boot. Hmm… They can’t have been this stupid, can they?

Turns out they can, and they did. FireWire is no longer a supported carrier for TCPIP under Vista.

I have been using network shares over FireWire for a long time for transferring large amounts of data from my laptop to my desktop for backup to DVD. The only alternative is 100Mb/s network cross cable or WIFI. Not fun.

So it seems that my XP system will come in handy after all. I hope I don’t discover any more of these weird decisions.

2 thoughts on “Vista woes”

  1. As it turns out, yes I am.
    Not that I wanted to, but guess what you need if you want to install XP on a hardware RAID1 mirror set?

    Btw, I would not compare FireWire to the Floppy.
    It is the fastest bus available for computer to computer data transfer, and it is available on all modern medium to high end motherboards.

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