The weekend of bad endings

SPOILERS: If you’d like to see ‘the Zodiac’, ‘The wicker man’ or the second season of prison break, then don’t read the rest of this post. 

Last weekend my wife rented 2 movies, since nothing much was on tv.

The first one we saw was ‘the Zodiac’; a movie based on the true story of a serial killer in the fifties or forties. The moview itself was not bad, but the ending was rather abrupt. After the last killing you see a screen with his robot photo, and a blurb of text explaining that he was never caught. The ending of his last letter to the newspaper was something to the effect of ‘I have killed enough. Now I will wait unti lthey make a movie about me.’

Great. A movie that doesn’t end…

The next day we say ‘The wicker man’; a movie where a cop receives a letter of his former fiancee, asking him for help finding her missing daughter. So he takes off to this closed community that has a pagan belief system.
I’d like to point out that this is only my layman’s view. If you are a pagan and I am wrong, please leave a comment and I’ll correct this. 🙂
The story is pretty weird, and the movie is OK, but at the end it turns out that everything was a set-up from the start, and his fate was sealed from the moment his former fiancee left the island to find a suitable victim. It all get explained to him, he gets captured, hoisted into a giagantic wicker man and burnt alive.
The end of the movie is when 2 women of the same island are meet up with 2 guys in a bar, setting the trap for the next human sacrifice.

This movie had an end, but it sucked as far as I am concerned.

Then finally on sunday evening, we watched the final episodes of the second season of prison break. The storyline gets more and more convoluted with double crosses, triple crosses, and even more farfetched stuff.
In the end, Paul Kellerman testifies in court after a failed suicide, and Sara Tancredi and Lincoln Burrows are exonerated from all charges and convictions.
At that point, Linc, Michael and Sara are ready to leave by boat with 5 million dollars.
Then Bill Kim turns up, and gets shot dead just before he can shoot Linc.
Pure self defense, and he lays there with the gun in his hand when the police turn up.

This is where it gets completely out of hand. Despite the fact that they know they are cleared of everything they were running away from, They feel compelled to run when the police turn up. Linc escapes, Sara gets released and Michael gets tossed in a Panama prison, from which the mysterious Mr X (who was behind everything) fully expects him to escape. Another non-end whose only purpose is to kickstart the next seaon.

The first season of prison break was very good, but the second season is more like 24 episodes of ‘what crazy plot can we come up with now’

Three evenings, three shitty endings. Now I know again why I don’t spend much time watching tv anyway.