I stand corrected: not all C++ programmers hate VB

As I already mentioned before, it’s a small world after all. (Hearing that annoying Disney tune yet in your head J).

I am writing an article about C++/CLI in which I use a quote from my fellow VC++ MVP Kate Gregory. I did a quick search to find her blog in order to link it to her name in the article. I read a couple of blog posts and to my surprise I found one in which she mentioned a blog post I wrote earlier in which I talked about the viability of C++ in this day and age.

In my blog post I mention that I think VB is ugly and that most people in the C++ forums would agree with me.

Apparently there is at least 1 VC++ MVP (Kate) who likes VB. That is at least 1 very skilled and well respected C++ programmer who likes VB.

So I hereby concede that VB is a full fledged member of the .NET programming world, and that there are even C++ programmers who like it. Just as long as I don’t have to like it.

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