It’s a girl!

Sunday morning at 09:20 hours GMT+1, My wife Sandra gave birth to our second daughter Nele.

Her full name is Nele Ann Sara van Dooren. She weighs 3.06 kg, and is 48 cm long. Both the mother and the daughter are fine.

Nele had been very active Sunday evening, and for longer than average. At 9 PM, Sandra told me that something was going on inside.I called my parents to tell them it was time to come and get our oldest daughter Kato so that we could go to the hospital.

At 23:15, my mom and my brother showed up. We installed the car seat and I went to wake up Kato. She was a bit groggy from being woken in deep sleep, but also curious why her grandmother and godfather were there so late. We had started preparing her for several months now so that she understood what was going to happen.

We did not know if she understood, but apparently she was very talkative in the car on her way to my parent, talking about how mommy and daddy went to the hospital to get the baby out of mommy’s belly. 

The birth process took 12 hours, from the 1st light contraction to the last painful push. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the strength and self-control Sandra showed during labour.

Here she is: the newest apple of my eye.:

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