What do you mean: ‘Intellisense doesn’t work?’

Yesterday I was finishing the code for another lengthy article about template programming and I was putting in some text to print during the test runs.

I was typing the name of the template class specialization that was used for each test when intellisense suddenly surprised me by popping up with statement completion for the template class names… in the text.

  char *test = “vector”;   //add ‘<‘ after vector to make ‘vector<‘and                           //intellisense will pop up for the

                           //template completion

I have logged it as bug nr 298533 on connect. It was confirmed to be a bug. I got a message from a VS team member that it was indeed very odd.

A lot of people complain about buggy intellisense behavior in the VC++ IDE (And truth be told, most of the complains are valid), but in this case it went out of its way to be useful J

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