Tech-Ed Barcelona 2007, day 0

I just arrived at the CCIB and was able to register in less than 5 minutes. The travel itself was un-eventful.

I got picked up by a cab at home, checked in, idled around at the airport for some time and had the most boring flight ever. This is good. I don’t crave excitement when I am floating 20000 feet above solid ground, with nothing between me and a minute of free fall but a couple of millimeters of aluminium.

I also met up with Tom Heylen, a former collaegue of mine who is now making a fine career for himself, working as a consultant for Microsoft, doing international projects.

My hotel is the ‘Hotel barcelona princess’ and is right in front of the CCIB, which is nice. The CCIB is the red building on the left side.

Of course this also means that I am away from the Barcelona city center and the ‘Place de la Catalunia’ but I am not that much of a tourist, and going to a bar by myself is not a hobby of mine. However, there is a big shopping mall with lots of restaurants and little shop where I can spend some time in the evening.

Besides, this also gives me the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. My oldest daughter has not yet adapted to dayliht savings time, while my youngest has. This means that I still go to sleep at 23.30, and get woken up at 06:00 every single day.

The weather here is very nice. It must be a good 18 degrees centigrade under a cloudless sky. I walked around in the afternoon, and spent some time on walking on the beach.

I took this one sitting on one of those huge stone blocks for breaking the wave crests. Unfortunately it is sunday and most everything around here is closed.

Ah well, I ate at an italian restaurant, and spent an hour or 2 on my room, tweaking my LineReader class to improve its performance. Without anything else to do, that seemed as good a way to spend my evening as anything.

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