License server doesn’t serve license

Did you know that a Windows2003 Licensing server does not manage Terminal Server ‘Per User’ CALs?

It is really stupid, but from a licensing point of view, a terminal server that is configured to use ‘Per User’ licenses only checks if it can find a license server. As soon as it does, the license server does the Jedi mind trick (These are not the licenses you are looking for...) and the terminal server becomes a free for all, limited only by the maximum number of connections configured by the administrator.

At first I thought this could not possibly be true (noone would design anything that stupid, right?) but this and this quickly convinced me otherwise.
What makes it double stupid is that the license server allows me to add ‘per user’ licenses, and then forces me to go through the whole activation obstacle course, only to ignore whatever licenses were added.

The only way to make sure that our licensing is in order, is to run a nightly script to determine how many TS users we have, and then check if we have enough licenses.
This also means that no matter how many per user licenses you install, they will always show ‘N licenses installed, N available, 0 used’

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