My daughter the running champion

 This weekend my daughter participated in the ‘Kriebelcross’ which is a running competition organized between different schools.

If is all very informal, and it is intended to be a fun day out for the family, with drinks and hotdog, and a fun fair for the kids.

Running competitions are arranged by year of birth, with separate runs for boys and girls. My daughter Kato is a very active young girl who likes to run, climb, and do all sorts of stuff that will turn my already greying hair white soon enough.

Before the starting whistle sounded I explained several times what the point was of the whole event: run to the teacher on the other side of the field as fast as you can, and try to run faster than the other kids.

So at the sound of the whistle they all took off. She hesitated at first because of all the sudden activity around her, but as soon as she saw the other kids running she took off and started to run as fast as she can.

As we have experienced several times, usually at bad times, that can be very fast. Ever since she could walk, she wanted to run. And most kids her age can’t really run, but even her day care parents used to say that Kato runs like an adult.

Halfway across the field she was head to head with another kid, but then she really started to pump her legs and she zoomed across the finish line with a distance of 10 meters separating her from the second kid.

Here she is in the middle. At that point I noticed that we had forgotten to dress her in something suitable for running, as opposed to all the other kids around us, but luckily that didn’t matter too much. This was definitely a day to be proud of.


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