My latest article in NTInsider

A bit late perhaps, but my latest article on API development got published in the NTInsider (owned by OSR Online).

The online version can be found here. It requires free registration.

I know that at least 2 people have read it completely, because that is the number of mails I got to tell me I missed something.

  1. In the code example at the bottom, I acidentally switched the names of fooA and fooB in the declaration. Doh!
  2. That same code, compiled for a 64 bit platform, gives a linker warning. I don’t know how I missed that. This code was made using VS2005, so one of two things could have happened: VC2005 didn’t report the warning (unlikely), or I only checked the compilation in detail, and then only checked if the function was exported without checking if there were linker warnings. It’s probably the latter.

I’ll see if I can get these errata published. But at least now I know that people actually read my articles and use the code. Well, at least one person is using the code 🙂 I’ll have to make an extra effort next time to verify that a) I didn’t make a stupid type, and b) There are no warnings anywhere.

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